Patient Guidelines for Severe Winter Weather

While it is important that patients receiving radiation therapy treatments complete their planned course of treatment without interruption, we certainly do not wish patients and their families to take any unnecessary risks in attempting to travel for treatment during severe weather.

To help ensure the safety of our patients and our staff, the radiation therapy department at Covenant Cancer Treatment Center may close during periods of severe weather. Your normally scheduled treatments may be interrupted in a variety of ways:

-if the department is open, and severe weather is forecasted in the near future, staff may attempt to contact you and either reschedule your appointment for an earlier time or cancel your appointment for that day.

-if the department is open, and severe weather is forecasted overnight or for the next day, staff may attempt to contact you to delay or cancel your treatment for the following day.

-if severe weather occurs outside of normal department hours, overnight or on the weekend, you are encouraged to call the department during normal hours (7:30 AM – 4:30 PM weekdays) before traveling for your appointment. If the department is closed, there will be a recorded message estimating when the department would reopen or when to call again.

-if at any time, you feel unsafe in traveling for your appointment, please call the department and reschedule.


319/272-2822 is the direct number to the radiation therapy department. You should call this number to reschedule or cancel your appointment or check on the status of the department. This number is not answered outside of normal department hours but will have a recorded message in the event of severe weather and serves as a voicemail system.

If you have an urgent medical need related to your radiation therapy treatments, please contact the radiation oncologist on call at 319/272-2800.