What Other Services Can I Receive At The Cancer Treatment Center?

1. What is Radiation Therapy?

2. How does Radiation Therapy work?

3. What can I expect after I am told I need Radiation Therapy?

4. Will Radiation Therapy make me radioactive?

5. Will the treatment hurt while they are being given?

6. Which side effects may I have, and how long will they last?

7. What things can I do to help myself during treatment?

8. How do I make an appointment?

9. Do I need preauthorization from my insurance carrier for treatment?

10. What other services can I receive at the Cancer Treatment Center?

You will have access to several services within the Cancer Treatment Center and through the affiliated hospitals and clinics.


We have a social worker on-site for counseling and support groups. We also have a dietician on-site for nutritional counseling and regular support. We also have access to the American Cancer Society and the Cedar Valley Hospice if these services are required. All patients are encouraged to use these services as needed to maintain their physical and mental health. There are two physician groups providing medical oncology (chemotherapy) services at the Cancer Treatment Center. One of these groups is affiliated with Covenant Clinic, as is the Radiation Oncology physicians. The other group is affiliated with the Cedar Valley Medical Specialists.